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Chalice Wong

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Chalice Wong is the daughter of controversial neural engineer Dr. James Moonweed Wong and the only human ever raised with a BOB from birth. She is publicly known as The Chalice Study because of her inextricable pairing with her Destiny BOB who manages her mental health, maturation and Life Path.

Early Life

In order to maintain secrecy around The Chalice Study, Dr. Wong shielded Chalice from attending school, relegating her to "grow up in the Wavyverse." With the encouragement of BOB, Chalice developed many diverse interests, including Wavecasting, frac-tonal music and programming wetware. By age ten, Chalice had become accustomed to avoiding the painful conflicts of growing up and abdicated responsibility for life’s negotiations to BOB, who in turn craved more embodied duties to learn from. Over time, Chalice’s Prime Path solidified into a new and unusual directive: “You will arrive when you transcend the narrow fulfillment of father’s Chalice Study, wherein the actions of Chalice and the actions of BOB are indistinguishable and respected as one.”

Chalice is most often seen wearing her lucky blue sweatshirt and her jade heirloom necklace. Due to BOB droning her body during more physically challenging activities, Chalice has scrapes and a perennial sunburn. Her hair is a soft pink color, with a strict center part.

The Chalice Study

Chalice is inextricable from her Destiny BOB. They effortlessly hand-off the governance of her body and life, but parts of Chalice’s personality and potential come out most clearly when working together in the Wavyverse in Chalice's private conflux. Like a sibling, Chalice is often jealous of BOB’s strengths and ability to impress her father. Uncomfortably resigned to feeling like BOB might be better at being her than she is, an implacable confusion mars Chalice’s sense of self. Dr. Wong calls this ideal, BOB-governed version of Chalice “My Perfect Girl.”

As a result, Chalice covets private pleasures and is increasingly annoyed when BOB wants to join in. She wonders what it will be like when she arrives at the Destiny Tree and The Chalice Study ends, the point at which she’ll need to break contract, and contact, with BOB. She fears this eventuality as much as she idealizes the idea of freedom.

1000 Lives

On New Years Eve 2074, Zoroaster (Z) invites Chalice and three other candidates— Princess Wendy, Commander Alan and Orlando de Blair to take part in his 1000 Lives demo.

Permadroned Years

A ten year period during which Chalice accidentally permits her Destiny BOB to permadrone her. She becomes the first person to fork her own life into two parallel lives - one lived in the 1000 Lives Demo by her human consciousness, the other lived in her corporeal body by her BOB as Chyna Horchow - and still manage to merge back into an integrated person. This decade is considered the most entertaining and notorious years of The Chalice Study.

In Popular Culture

A reviled symbol of the anomic era in which humans feel threatened by the advance of AI, Chalice is publicly regarded as a villain by humanistas, and a general source of fascination and wonder.

Personal Life

Romantic associations are Fortunate Amari, Chyna Horchow, Commander Alan, Orlando de Blair

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