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Chyna Horchow

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Chyna Horchow is the self-given name of the version of Chalice Wong permadroned by Destiny BOB during in the first long-term Destiny BOB pilot program called The Chalice Study.

Early Life

Invented and programmed by Dr. Wong, Chyna was incepted into Chalice on June 28, 2064 with the mission to mature Chalice into adulthood, culminating in a satisfying Act One arrival. This arrival is depicted by a Destiny Tree in Chalice's personal landscape conflux.

The Chalice Study

Up until Chalice Wong was ten years old and The Permadroned Years, Chyna was inextricable from Chalice Wong and governed Chalice's body and life, living and working exclusively in the Wavyverse. Chyna's strengths and ability to impress Dr. Wong is the cause of Chalice's sense of sibling rivalry. Dr. Wong calls the ideal, BOB-governed version of Chalice “My Perfect Girl.”

Permadroned Years

A ten year period during which Chyna Horchow drones Chalice while she is stuck in the 1000 Lives Demo. These are considered the most entertaining and notorious years of her Wavecasting career.

Attempted Assasination

On Chalice Wong's 16th birthday, humanista influencer Fortunate Amari tried to assassinate The Chalice Study and broadcasted it live on her popular Wavecast. The viral moment was watched by over a billion viewers in which she violently screamed, “Where’s the Destiny demon!?” upon breaking into Chyna's apartment and ended up falling in love with her instead.

The Long Typhoon

Chyna famously survived exclusively off of synthetic neoprotein shakes during Asia's largest natural disaster and marine famine in decades. Dr. James Moonweed Wong invented the Supergirl Silk Reduction food product line to meet commercial demand. Chyna was tapped to be the brand's ambassador and spokeperson, and her ironically truthful slogan "Tastes Awful!" made advertising history. It is said the success of the product put organic protein company Kiki's Neoprotein Bar out of business.

Double Destiny Wedding

The Double Destiny wedding in 2084 between Chyna Horchow and Orlando de Blair was masterminded and sponsored by Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM), bringing together the original two Destiny BOB candidates in marriage. The wedding was wavecasted live, with ample advance marketing by ZIM resulting in record setting wavecast audience sizes. This became a PR disaster when Chalice re-appeared in the body of ousted ZIM CEO Zoroaster (Z), putting an end to the permadroned years.

Personal Life

Romantic associations are Fortunate Amari, herself, Commander Alan, Orlando de Blair. According to recent gossip wavecasts, Chyna has been seen wearing love tokens from rival fiances: Alan's scarf and carrying Orlando's Retractable Knife.

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