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Chyna Horchow

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Chyna Horchow is the self-given name of the version of Chalice Wong permadroned by her Destiny BOB.

Early Life

Invented and programmed by Dr. Wong, Chyna was paired with Chalice Wong at birth on June 28, 2064, and inaugurated as the Chalice Study. Destiny BOB #001 (referred to by Chalice as "BOB") served as life coach, parent, sibling and best friend to Chalice for the first ten years of her life. BOB helped Chalice navigate many growing pains, and increasingly dealt with the conflicts in Chalice’s life, including those with her father. This resulted in Dr. Wong calling the ideal, BOB-governed version of Chalice “My Perfect Girl.”

Permadroned Years

At the ZIM Emergency Summit on New Year’s Eve 2074, Chalice permitted BOB to drone her body until Chalice’s return from the 1000 Lives Demo. For the following ten years (known as “The Permadroned Years”), pending Chalice’s return, BOB gradually embraced physical embodiment and pursued the satisfaction of Chalice’s Life path. This decade is considered the most entertaining and notorious years of The Chalice Study.

BOB’s unusual choices and Subplots led to a devoted Wavecast following. During The Long Typhoon, Chyna famously maintained her Wavecasting activities by consuming synthetic neoprotein shakes synthesized by Dr. Wong. Chyna became the brand ambassador of Dr. Wong’s Supergirl Silk Reduction TM, with the slogan “Tastes Awful!” Following the successful negotiation of an attempted assassination of The Chalice Study by Fortunate Amari, BOB achieved arrival status. With no further directive, BOB undid many of its relationships and achievements in order to pursue new variations of Chalice’s Life Path.

Personal Life

Romantic associations of Chyna Horchow include Fortunate Amari, herself, Commander Alan, and Orlando de Blair. According to gossip wavecasts, Chyna has been seen wearing love tokens from rival fiances: Alan's scarf and carrying Orlando's Retractable Knife.

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