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Dr. James Moonweed Wong

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Dr. James Moonweed Wong is an inventor, neural engineer, and neoprotein distiller. He invented the artificial intelligence Bag Of Beliefs (BOB), a wavy-native technology that augments and supports a person's life path and regulates their ego states, with far reaching implications for human agency. Dr. Wong's work is motivated by a desire to refactor parenting so that human children are guaranteed to live to their full potential. Controversially, Dr. Wong created The Chalice Study, installing a Destiny BOB into his own daughter at birth, inspired by the challenges of single parenthood.

He is the reluctant recipient of the 2078 Nobel Solutions! Prize for the invention of the synthetic neoprotein Supergirl Silk Reduction, which he regards as a minor sideshow to his life's work.

Early Life


On New Years Eve 2074, Dr. Wong's nervous system got fried during the 1000 Lives Demo created by Zoroaster (Z). He used this event to discredit and oust Z as CEO of Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM)


Dr. James Moonweed Wong is credited with the invention of Task BOBs, Affirmation BOBs, Destiny BOBs and the Supergirl Silk Reduction neoprotein product.

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