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Dr. James Moonweed Wong

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Dr. James Moonweed Wong is an inventor, neural engineer, and a distiller of neoproteins.


He is the reluctant recipient of the 2078 Nobel Solutions! Prize for inventing the synthetic neoprotein Supergirl Silk Reduction, which played a critical role in sustaining Wavyverse activity during The Long Typhoon.

Dr. Wong is infamous for inventing Bag of Beliefs (BOB, a class of “AI spirit” that augments and supports a person’s Life Path, with far-reaching implications for human agency. Inspired by the challenges of single parenthood, Dr. Wong believes BOBs produce the most beneficial results in a person’s existential fitness when applied early in one’s childhood.

The Chalice Study

In 2064, he initiated the The Chalice Study, a long-term test of BOB efficacy by installing an experimental Destiny BOB into his own daughter Chalice Wong at birth. Dr. Wong affectionately nicknamed Chalice “My Super Girl,” but was observed favoring the more tactful and mature BOB on rare public outings.


On New Year’s Eve 2074, Dr. Wong’s nervous system was damaged during a security malfunction in the 1000 Lives Demo, created by his rivalrous employer Zoroaster (Z). Dr. Wong used this event to discredit Z as CEO of Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM).

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