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Orlando de Blair

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Orlando de Blair is a world-qualifying cyclist and serial guinea pig for Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM) experiments.

Early Life

The child of actors, Orlando showed signs of above-average athletic ability at a young age. He began moonlighting as an experimental test subject for various Wavyverse experiments, in exchange for ZIM sponsorship and life subsidies.

The Orlando Study

At age 24, he was secretly selected by Zoroaster (Z) to participate in testing a Destiny BOB prototype. After only nine months of coaching and conditioning with Destiny BOB, Orlando fulfilled his lifelong dream of winning the prestigious Tour de Oceania cycling medal. Orlando celebrated his Arrival Event in a public Wavecast, but quickly fell into a deep anomic crisis, undermining the credibility of BOB technology and ZIM. During Chalice Wong’s Permadroned Years, Dr. James Moonweed Wong and Chairman Ava repaired Orlando with a new Destiny BOB and initiated The Orlando Study to understand the effects of Destiny BOB on “broken subjects” suffering from acute anomie.

In 2084, Orlando broke contract with his second Destiny BOB during the Double Destiny Wedding following the dissolution of his engagement to Chyna Horchow.

Life Log Summary of Orlando de Blair
“Orlando de Blair. Star cyclist. You ride before you walk. Aspirational branch to be a poet. Son of hard working actors. They tell you: train till you die. One day you are favored by a Queen. She introduces you to her poetry-loving friends as long as you keep winning. She tells you: you can be a poet after you break a leg. ZIM selects you to participate in their Destiny BOB pilot program. BOB recommends you stage a leg injury at the Great Outback Championship Tour. You ignore BOB and place third. Your parents praise you. Queen promises to marry you when you place first. You train to exhaustion. You question if BOB knew this would happen. One day BOB develops a permission: you can be a poet without breaking yourself. You stop competing. Queen stops chasing you. You realize your parents like poetry too. You confirm your autonomy and arrive. You promise to buy yourself a room with a desk and a view.”

–Orlando de Blair's Destiny BOB

Personal Life

Romantically linked to fiancé Chyna Horchow.

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