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Sister San

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Sister San (formerly "Kiki" San of Kiki's Orbital Silk Protein Bar) is the Lead Representative of the Sister World Network, a humanista hive of active Wavyverse nodes.


Kiki San got her start as a small business owner of popular organic neoprotein food shuttle brand Kiki's Protein Bar. During this time, she became a celebrated activist-journalist in humanista circles, known for her fiery, confrontational and acerbic voice of critique. However, during The Long Typhoon, climate change decimated the protein urchin population and Dr. James Moonweed Wong's synthetic [neoprotein brand Supergirl Silk Reduction quickly monopolized the market, putting Kiki's permanently out of business. Kiki changed her name to "Sister" and founded The Sister World Network.

Sister San personally rejects the "humanista" label and considers herself an avowed anarcho-primitivist. Sister San uses her vocations to advocate for The Cause: the preservation and defense of the essential human spirit. Her crusade is to forever hold corporate executives, legislators, scientists, other bioengineering transgressors accountable.

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