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Sister San

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Sister San is the lead representative of the The Sister World Hive Mega Network, a humanista hive mind.


Formerly “Kiki” San, an organic foods entrepreneur, she first gained recognition for her all-natural urchin-based neoprotein Orbital Silk™, sold via a fleet of food shuttles called Kiki's Orbital Silk Protein Bar.

During this time, she also became a much cited voice in humanista circles, known for her gossipy disclosures of Orbital Silk™ customers whom she judged complicit in the acceleration of human obsolescence, including many ZIM researchers and test subjects.

During The Long Typhoon, climate change decimated the protein urchin population and Dr. James Moonweed Wong’s synthetically derived neoprotein brand Supergirl Silk Reduction quickly monopolized the market, putting Kiki’s Orbital Silk™ out of business.

The Sister World Network=

Kiki found solace in The Sister World Network and soon pledged herself to its hive mind. Now known as Sister San, she rejects the “humanista” label and considers Sister Hive Mega World to be a fortress of collective distributed super-agency for all those left behind by the technological and existential upheaval of The Great Anomic Crisis. She commands a fleet of Sister World Hive Shuttles.

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