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Supergirl Silk Reduction

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Supergirl Silk Reduction™ (formerly branded Supergirl Psilk Reduction™) is a synthetic psychoactive neoprotein invented by Dr. James Moonweed Wong. It is the dominant, most efficient and affordable neoprotein source on the market, endorsed by wavecasters for its long drip energy profile - a feature that supports high-load brain usage and extended coherent time in the wavyverse. In 2078, Supergirl Silk Reduction™ was awarded the Nobel Solutions! Prize for its role in allowing wavyverse activity to thrive during The Long Typhoon.


During the decade-long natural disaster The Long Typhoon, organic urchin based neoprotein became scarce, leading Dr. Wong to develop Supergirl Silk Reduction™ to support the high-load cognitive experiments required of The Chalice Study. Following an accidental endorsement by Chyna Horchow, public demand for Supergirl Silk Reduction™ exploded.

The affordability and efficacy of Supergirl Silk Reduction, coupled with the decimation of the protein urchin population during The Long Typhoon, put organic urchin-based neoprotein brands like Kiki's Orbital Silk™ out of business.

In an interview with business wavecast Indicators of Credibility, Dr. Wong reluctantly commented on his Nobel Solutions! Prize winning contribution to humankind: "How dare you drag my legacy down to the level of altruistic entrepreneur! Moonweed Airfarms neoprotein is a sideshow to keep my Supergirl's stomach full and her brain log gorgeous! This inconvenient typhoon will soon be over. Now, the thing about Destiny BOB is..."


In 2074, during phase one of the Long Typhoon, Chyna Horchow (formerly Chalice Wong of the Chalice Study) featured in Supergirl Silk Reduction's ad giving its most notorious endorsement "Tastes awful!" during her series of Long Typhoon wavecasts. Consumption of Supergirl Silk Reduction exploded and has since been regarded as the gateway food to the wavyverse.

To date, the Supergirl Silk motto remains: "Tastes awful... So you know it works!"