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Zoroaster (Z)

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Zoroaster is the founder and CEO of Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM), "a wavy life path company" and wavyverse media empire. As the energetic visionary of neural augmentation, he is credited with the rapid advancement and commercialization of wavyverse cognitive applications. He is immune to the outrage of the humanistas, having survived many attempted cancellations.

Early Life

At the age of nine, Z goes viral for his groundbreaking neural grafting experimentation on lizards.


Z founded Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM) in 2038. His company became renowned for its invention of wavy-grams, wavevasts, and BOBs - a class of artificial sub-personality.

Z is credited with the invention of the lizard lounger.

On his first vacation following the successful IPO of ZIM, Z took a spiritual turn. He returned to ZIM disinterested in his duties as CEO. He became pre-occupied with long abandoned projects sparked from his childhood, what he called subplots. His increasingly eccentric Act Two behavior distressed the ZIM Boardmembers.


On New Years Eve 2074, Zoroaster invites Chalice Wong, his niece Princess Wendy, Commander Alan and Orlando de Blair to take part in the 1000 Lives demo, during which unfortunate events lead to Chairman AVA ousting him from Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM) with a unanimous vote by the ZIM Boardmembers.

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