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Zoroaster (Z)

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Zoroaster (Z) is the founder and CEO of Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM), a Life path company and Wavecast media empire. He is credited with the rapid advancement and popularization of Wavyverse cognitive applications.

Early Life

At the age of nine, he successfully rewired the nervous system of a lizard.


In 2038, Z founded ZIM producing luxury Lizard Loungers. Following the rapid worldwide adoption of the Wavyverse, Z pivoted the company into Wavecasting, unleashing a wide-ranging ecosystem of neural and cognitive app suites including ZIM Learning educational modules, and Bag Of Beliefs (BOB).


Over the years, Z has survived many attempted cancellations by humanistas, who regard him as the prime accelerant of human obsolescence.

Following the successful initial public offering of ZIM in 2072, Z took a spiritual turn. Disinterested in his duties as CEO, he became preoccupied with long-abandoned pet projects including affordable Lizard Loungers and 1000 Lives. His increasingly eccentric Act Two behavior—characterized by free and conscious rewritings of his own life script— distressed Chairman Ava and ZIM board members.

Following a disastrous 1000 Lives Demo at the ZIM Emergency Summit on New Years Eve 2074, Z was unanimously voted out of his own company. His following years of exile remain undocumented. Z made a brief puzzling appearance at the Double Destiny Wedding in 2084, disrupting the long delayed launch of Destiny BOB.

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