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Humanista is a term of insult for a person who subscribes to “classic” boundaries of the human, such as born intelligence, natural births and willpower. The central feature of the humanista ideology is a fundamental disgust with the speed of human-made change: any radical augmentation to the mind or body that threatens to change the human experience too much too quickly is morally inferior to careful “hard-earned” adaptations. Humanistas consider unprecedented leaps in artificial intelligence technology an existential threat, and are outraged by the actions and products of Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM). Humanistas condemn ZIM’s Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) as an accelerant to the obsolescence of the human species, yet have gradually accepted the utility of the Wavyverse.

Sister World Network

The Sister World Hive Mega Network is a humanista hive mind composed of 300,000 active Wavyverse nodes. The network’s technological needs are carefully negotiated by Sister San, who serves as Sister World’s public-facing emissary.

In the News

Media outlets run daily sections with the headline, "Humanistas: Mad At ZIM Again!" as ongoing publishing satire.

Notable Humanistas

Sister San of the Sister World Hive Mega Network, Humanista Wavyverse influencer Fortunate Amari