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Bag Of Beliefs (BOB)

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Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) are a class of artificial sub-personalities that promise to guide people through life’s psychological challenges. BOBs are a technology used in conjunction with the rapidly developing Wavyverse that can co-pilot the human nervous system.

BOBs were created by Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM), with primary credit attributed to neural engineer Dr. James Moonweed Wong. To date, ZIM has shipped Task BOBs, Affirmation BOBs, and Destiny BOBs. Destiny BOBs remain their most controversial offering, and have been at the center of a decade-long string of PR disasters, including The Orlando Study, New Years 2074 and The Double Destiny Wedding.


The Destiny BOB's ability to push a person to enact their Prime Path is feared to have poorly understood implications for human agency. Humanistas have condemned BOBs as an accelerant to the obsolescence of the human species.

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