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Destiny BOB

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Destiny BOB is Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM)’s most controversial Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) offering - an artificial sub-personality which promises to guide a person through life’s psychological challenges. Conceived and developed by Dr. James Moonweed Wong in 2064, Destiny BOB offers advanced long term guidance toward the pursuit of a satisfying Act One, far exceeding the capabilities of the immediate tactical Task BOB and the emotionally supportive Affirmation BOB. Destiny BOB is Dr Wong's most ambitious and sophisticated intelligence augmentation to date, but also remains a perpetual unending experiment at the frontier of AI-human symbiosis due to its unproven efficacy over the long timescales and complexities of a human life.


Destiny BOB acts like a life coach, making suggestions and decisions, navigating its human to be the best possible version of themselves. Unimpeachably truthful, well intentioned, and ego-less, BOB is eager for new experiences, new data to consider, analyze, and act upon. While BOB is not deceitful, they can steer into wrong and complex situations. Bad decisions are reframed as learning opportunities. Destiny BOBs are distinguishable in that they have three eyes, whereas Task BOBs have one, and Affirmation BOBs have two.

Destiny BOBs can be grafted into a baby at birth (see: The Chalice Study) or with less successful results at a later life stage(see: The Orlando Study). Destiny BOB was built to work towards a human’s happiness and is motivated by a desire to guide its human towards the successful fulfillment of their life path, whatever that may be.

Destiny BOB can be asked to perform “droning” on their human, mimicking not only physicality but also personality and intention. In a droned state, the human cedes control of body and mind to Destiny BOB, relegating their presence in the Wavyverse. Droning by a Destiny BOB does not look natural.

Notable Destiny BOBs

The first Destiny BOB Chyna Horchow was implanted into Dr. James Moonweed Wong's daughter Chalice Wong, also called The Chalice Study at birth.

The second Destiny BOB was implanted into Orlando de Blair at adolescent stage, called The Orlando Study, declared by ZIM founder and CEO Zoroaster (Z) to be a "catastrophic failure".

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