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Destiny BOB

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Destiny BOB is Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM)’s most controversial Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) offering - an artificial sub-personality which promises to guide a person through life’s psychological challenges. In the Wavyverse, Destiny BOBs are identifiable by their three eyes.


Conceived and prototyped by Dr. James Moonweed Wong in 2064, Destiny BOB promises personal, long-term guidance toward the pursuit of a satisfying [Life path]]. A Destiny BOB helps to perceive future possible selves, and directs its host to make choices that best align the current path with the desired future identity. Unlike previous Bag Of Beliefs (BOB), Destiny BOB exhibits a craving for new experiences in order to “solve” one’s Life Path with colorful and surprising detail.These features far exceed the capabilities of the immediate tactical Task BOB and the emotionally supportive Affirmation BOB.

Destiny BOB can be asked to perform “droning” on their human, mimicking not only physicality but also personality and intention. In a droned state, the human cedes control of body and mind to Destiny BOB, relegating their presence in the Wavyverse. Droning by a Destiny BOB does not look natural.

Destiny BOB is the most controversial BOB iteration due to its unproven long-term efficacy and its poorly understood implications for human agency.

Notable Destiny BOBs

The most famous Destiny BOB, known as The Chalice Study and eventually self-named Chyna Horchow, is the first BOB installed in a human from birth. A second Destiny BOB prototype was later installed into Orlando de Blair called The Orlando Study by Zoroaster (Z) in order to expedite trial results.

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