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The Chalice Study

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The Chalice Study is the official name of the first human trial of Destiny BOB. The study commenced in 2064 when Dr. James Moonweed Wong installed a Destiny BOB in the brain of his newborn daughter Chalice Wong. Dr. Wong conducted The Chalice Study in secrecy for almost ten years, knowing that the influence of Destiny BOB on Chalice’s life would require many years of observation to verify its efficacy. Dr. Wong’s secrecy tested the patience of Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM)’s investors, who eagerly desired a new iteration of Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) to answer the growing Anomic Crisis. While Dr. Wong specified no completion date for the study, he programmed Destiny BOB to encourage its host to terminate its BOB contract when the host’s Life path arrival conditions were achieved. In 2074, following ten years of secrecy surrounding The Chalice Study, ZIM founder Zoroaster (Z) announced the Arrival Event of The Orlando Study based on a leaked Destiny BOB prototype, thereby forcing a public appraisal of Dr. Wong’s Destiny BOB work. While the Humanistas regard The Chalice Study as a vulgar symbol of the Anomic Crisis, many others see Chalice as a source of wonder and a model of a new kind of human being.

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