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Droning refers to the consensual possession of one’s nervous system either by another person or by an artificial agent such as a Task BOB, Affirmation BOB or Destiny BOB. Once in a droned state, the host cedes control of their body, mind and nervous system. An open-ended droning is called a “permadroned” state. Humanistas believe that permadroning results in incurable anomie for its host, and is therefore an unforgivable act against oneself, and humanity.

The Permadroned Years

The first Destiny BOB, also known as The Chalice Study or Chyna Horchow,permadroned its host Chalice Wong for a decade (known as “The Permadroned Years”) following the events of [New Years Eve 2074]]. Due to Chyna’s popularity, permadroning using a BOB became an acceptable option for humans seeking to pepper their predictable Life path with surprising details and Subplots.