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"Think of all the little troubles that gripped you at every age. You survived them. But you didn’t have enough info or ability to act on them then. They took a backseat to your prime path. Lost in your body. Buried in the logs. *Boo!* Those little subplots are reborn you’s waiting to come alive again! If only you could surface their story - you’d be rich with lives to walk. *voila* Now you can."

– Zoroaster (Z)

Subplots is a term of art coined by Zoroaster (Z) referring to the unlived paths in one's life. This may include paths put on pause during one's youth, as well as paths actually enacted but unintegrated into one's identity.

Subplots are every path outside an individual's Prime Path.

Zoroaster (Z) developed 1000 Lives Demo to search an individual's life logs, and highlight one's subplots through a form of simulated experiential exposure therapy.