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Affirmation BOB

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The Affirmation BOB was invented by Dr. Wong as a follow up to ZIM’s massively popular pilot Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) product the Task BOB to focus on human mental health. It is rumored that the first Affirmation BOB was inspired by, developed and tested during the deterioration of Dr. Wong's marriage.


The Affirmation BOB is designed to regulate the experience of delta drops in a human host. It can adapt to a range of support roles - therapist, cheerleader, best friend — promoting emotional well-being and guiding a person through emotional highs and lows.

In the Wavyverse, Affirmation BOBs are distinguished by their two eyes, whereas Task BOBs have one, and Destiny BOBs have three.

Notable Affirmation BOBs

The most notorious Affirmation BOB belongs to Wavyverse influencer Princess Wendy, who affectionately nicknamed hers "Affy."

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