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Task BOB

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The Task BOB is Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM)’s first Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) product and global commercial success. The Task BOB asset is considered the most effective neural productivity tool on the market, and was conceptualized by ZIM's chief scientist Dr. James Moonweed Wong while on a holiday during an especially busy work period.


The Task BOB can assume the role of personal trainer, coach, tutor, drill sergeant, task master depending on its human. The Task BOB plans, facilitates and pushes a person to accomplish everything- from everyday to do lists, end-of-life bucket lists, meeting looming deadlines and build training regimens in order to reach difficult personal mental or physical goals. Task BOBs are distinguishable in that they have one eye, whereas Affirmation BOBs have two, and Destiny BOBs have three.

Notable Task BOBs

The most famous Task BOB is known to have helped Wavyverse influencer Commander Alan survive on Mars.

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