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Task BOB

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Task BOB is the first Bag Of Beliefs (BOB) product from Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM). In the Wavyverse, Task BOBs are identifiable by their single eye.


A global commercial success, Task BOBs are considered the most effective neural productivity tool on the market. Task BOBs direct their host to focus on tractable concrete plans, and provide the motivation to accomplish them. ZIM describes Task BOB as “a co-pilot for life’s to-dos,” assisting in identifying actionable steps toward a challenging mental or physical goal. It is rumored that Task BOBs were conceptualized by ZIM's chief neural engineer Dr. James Moonweed Wong while on a holiday during an especially busy work period.

Notable Task BOBs

The most famous Task BOB is known to have helped Wavyverse influencer Commander Alan survive on Mars.

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