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Double Destiny Wedding

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The Double Destiny Wedding, which took place on December 31, 2084, was a planned union between Chyna Horchow(the identity assumed by the Destiny BOB that droned Chalice Wong) and Orlando de Blair, a secondary Destiny BOB candidate.


With the cooperation of BOB inventor Dr. James Moonweed Wong, Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM) orchestrated the marriage as a marketing strategy prior to the launch of Destiny BOB. Anticipation for the wedding was minor, as the public lost interest in the long delayed Destiny BOB technology over the years. However, the event evolved into a sensational public-relations disaster when the actual Chalice Wong reappeared, droning the body of ousted ZIM CEO Zoroaster (Z). This incident put an end to The Permadroned Years, during which Chalice Wong had been trapped inside the 1000 Lives Demo, while being droned by her Destiny BOB.

During the ceremony, Commander Alan was maimed in a Raptor Lounger (Generation 6)-related attack.

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