Emissaries Guide to Worlding by Ian Cheng

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What is a World? How do I create a World? How do I keep a World alive? And when should I set it free? There is an unnatural art emerging, ripe for our strange and complex times: Worlding.

EMISSARY'S GUIDE TO WORLDING is for anyone interested in bridging the complexity Worlding with the finitude of human psychology. Reflecting on his experience making Emissaries, artist Ian Cheng derives practical methods for seeing and making Worlds as a whole-brain activity. To create a World, we must summon the artistic masks who already live inside us but rarely get to exercise their power. We will get to know the masks of the Director, the Cartoonist, the Hacker, and the Emissary.

Learn how to:

  • Look at Worlds you inhabit as a choice *
  • Befriend the artistic masks inside you *
  • Exercise the masks via the practice of Worlding *
  • Make Worlds that come alive and outlive you *
  • Engineer meaning and purpose *
  • Find agency in chaos (BONUS!) *

As we find ourselves caught between unraveling old realities and emerging weird ones, Worlding becomes a vital practice to help us navigate darkness, maintain agency despite indeterminacy, and appreciate the multitude of Worlds we can choose to live in and create. Whether you are creating art, games, institutions, religions, or life itself:


EMISSARY’S GUIDE TO WORLDING expanded ebook edition edited by Veronica So and Nick Sung published by Metis Suns support by BIM18 ISBN 978-1-949902-00-6