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Early Life[edit]

One year after the pairing of Chyna Horchow with Chalice Wong on June 28, 2064, Dr. Wong permadroned a 10 year old to become Chalice’s guardian in the event of Dr. Wong passing.

Wet Nash is the self-given name of the version permadroned by what is today known as Guardian BOB.

Wet Nash is a teenage friend of Alan Idoko, also known as Commander Alan. Both have completed astronaut training together and were assigned to complete the Mars Mission. As their rocket back home failed to launch, leading to Alan Idoko staying on Mars and surviving its harsh winter through the help of his Task BOB, Wet disappeared.

Personal Life[edit]

From age 10 to age 18 Wet Nash often appeared as a guest on Chyna Horchow’s Wavecast. Destined to protect her in the event of Dr. Wong passing, who faced multiple death threats as the result of his controversial Chalice Study experiment, he’s become largely known as Chyna’s personal trainer during her rise as an intergalactic Wavecast influencer.

Following the success as a popular guest on Chyna’s Wavecast, commenting and advising on topics such as nutrition, fitness and mental health, many fans wanted Wet to start his own Wavecast channel. While he had plans to break out of Chyna’s shadow and start his own public streaming empire, he was summoned to embark to the Mars Mission by the military instead.

As is commonly known, only Commander Alan returned from the Mars Mission and became a celebrated hero after wavecasting the Mars Logs which received intergalactic recognition.

In Popular Culture[edit]

The slogan “There’s a difference between good awful and bad awful”, which became a 2082 viral hit in the promotion of Dr. Wong’s Supergirl Silk Reduction is attributed to him.

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