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The Permadroned Years

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The Permadroned Years refers to a ten year period when Chalice Wong was permadroned by her Destiny BOB also known as The Chalice Study or Chyna Horchow following the events of [New Years Eve 2074]].

In the News

Due to a series of unfortunate events, 1000 Lives Demo candidate Chalice Wong became unintentionally trapped inside the demo while being droned by her Destiny BOB. According to an anonymous witness, Dr. James Moonweed Wong may have been the sole reason behind the demo's catastrophic failure. This disaster lead to Chairman Ava ousting Z from ZIM with a unanimous vote by the ZIM Boardmembers.

In Popular Culture

Due to Chyna’s popularity, permadroning using a BOB became an acceptable option for humans seeking to pepper their predictable Life path with surprising details and Subplots.