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Lizard Lounger

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Lizard Loungers were the first invention patented by Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM), and the only product credited directly to the founder of ZIM, Zoroaster (Z).

Lizard Lounger 1.0 and Controversy

Launched in 2049, the Lizard Lounger was a hit success and highly profitable for Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM). Following news reports that claiming that a Lizard Lounger had turned against its owner, sales quickly evaporated. The story was later proven to be an attempt by humanistas to sabotage Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM) after the controversial launch of Bag Of Beliefs (BOB)..

Komodo Lounger

Following the initial success and market crash of the Lizard Lounger 1.0, ZIM attempted to launch a second update - the Komodo Lounger. Z developed the concept of “living furniture” through the genetic modification of large reptiles into slow, docile, barely sentient companion sofas. The Komodo Lounger was modeled on Z’s childhood pet Komodo dragon. Failing to escape the stigma associated with Lizard Lounger 1.0, ZIM was eventually forced to cancel the product line.

Raptor Lounger (Generation 6)

Following his removal from ZIM after the events of New Years Eve 2074, Z attempted to relaunch the Lizard Lounger by prototyping the more advanced Raptor Lounger (Generation 6), which reintroduced reptilian aggression and speed.

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