Destiny BOB Lifelog Patch (Chalice)

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The Life Log Patch was created by Dr. James Moonweed Wong for his daughter Chalice Wong, who experienced severe atemporalysis as a result of being permadroned by her Destiny BOB for ten years. Like software patches, which provide updated corrections to address bugs or design flaws, the Life log Patch corrects the unanticipated problems left by Destiny BOB permadrone. Chalice’s Life Log Patch consists of a handpicked selection of memories from the life lived by Chalice’s Destiny BOB Chyna Horchow during The Permadroned Years. The insertion of those memories produces an artificially coherent story of Chalice from ages 10 to 20. However, this coherence leaves Chalice in a state of anomie, suggesting it is life’s messy Subplots that are the raw motivational material for fermenting new plans.