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Learning educational modules

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The "Learning" educational modules were created by Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM) as a wetware plugin to use in conjunction with Bag Of Beliefs (BOB). The modules were created by a team led by Dr. James Moonweed Wong in response to the need for rapid and efficient assimilation of new information into the human hosts of BOBs. Education modules were designed for humans to effectively absorb skillsets and tools required to explore new life paths and become the best version of themselves.


Popular educational modules include: Math, Life Sims, Plant Grafting, Your First Club, Little Leaks, Advanced Conjuring, Skin Care, Nerve Care, Cooking with neoprotein, History of Surprises, Programming Wetware, Painting, Dancing, Make Up, Time Management for Teens, Contracts for Teens, Droning Animals, Cam Piloting with Commander Alan, Renaissance Guitar with Orlando de Blair, Nah, Gamelan Time, Dating by Doing, Steering Dreams in Five Cyclettes or Less, Regarding Strangers, Droning for Idiots, Keeping Score With Your Body, When to Hive, and How to Dress For Today.

With the launch of the Destiny BOB pilot program, ZIM released a special exclusive set of Educational Module upgrades, including: Renaming Yourself, Foxy Negotiation, Frac-Tonal Music, Dog Farming, and Four Hour Demigods. Intended to remain in Beta version and available only for supervised Destiny BOB pilot participants, the wetware was soon pirated on the Wavyverse blackmarket, leading to the infamous Supreme Court Case, ZIM vs. Demigod.